The Rezillion Apparel name has a past, present and future that will inspire you to follow your dreams! Rezillion was created on a foundation that defines it's name. Let's take it back to the beginning! Rezillion is a product of a past name that was established by living and breathing by its definition. Relentless; the power behind this one word is the difference between giving up and pushing forward towards a greater purpose. Being Relentless is what built the foundation for this brand but being resilient is what kept this brand alive. The brand flourished under it's first given name until we were struck with a devastating downfall. The brand was forced to shut it's doors, but not for long. The brand was building immensely in energy as we laid dormant. We had left our mark but no one was ready for us to leave! After overcoming struggle upon struggle we launched the biggest comeback anyone had ever seen. Rezillion was born!

You might ask, why the name "Rezillion"? Well here it is. We put the word "resilient" and "million" together to form what we know now as Rezillion Apparel. Being resilient is a true staple of this brand and it shows during our stages of growth and development. Most of all it showed during our short lived downfall. That could have been the end, but we wanted to show you first hand that there is no failure until you've truly given up! You must learn from your mistakes and become stronger and smarter. You have to keep moving forward with the intent to improve. Why "million"? We needed a driving factor! We put our brand goal in our name. We want 1 million people around the world wearing Rezillion. 

My name is Dylan Felgueiras, owner of Rezillion Apparel. I am your classic gym bro that fills his closet with only fitness apparel. You can never have enough right? The problem was I was filling my closet all the time because the apparel never lasted through my workouts! On top of that I never once felt connected to the brand I was wearing. I wanted meaning and emotion! The apparel I was wearing was lacking personality and quality.

I wanted to change that! I put together a brand that helps steer you away from quitting when you look down at your shirt. Being Rezillion isn't about an obsession, it's about dedicating the precious time that we are given for a greater purpose or potential in ourselves. This brand is among a rare breed; we are more than just an apparel brand. Rezillion is here to portray something greater that we all have within ourselves.

Aside from the name itself the design of the logo and apparel has been a lengthy but satisfying process. I was out to create a logo that had simplicity and the feeling of strength. I choose to use a diamond shape because of the immense strength and pressure they endure to be created. The straight edges and clean lines are there for simplicity. When you take a step back and put the lines together you can see an "R" (for relentless) in the diamond shape. Next came the most important part of all; the design, quality, and fit of the apparel. The bulk of my time was spent ensuring that I launched a collection you would love just as much as me. It needed to be something luxurious without breaking your bank at checkout. I took initiative to order sample upon sample until I designed something I loved and was proud of. Today, everything we create has been tested by myself and our athletes to guarantee the fit and quality is exceptional. We preach what we practice and that is why we are positive our product is top quality.

Our goal here at Rezillion Apparel is to bring you a brand that not only looks phenomenal, but also motivates and inspires you to be your best version! We want you to remember what being Rezillion is about when you put on our Apparel.

-Dylan Felgueiras (Owner & Founder)