Project Rezillion Teddy Bear T-Shirt (White)

$79 CAD

Project Rezillion's Teddy Bear T-Shirt is the perfect blend of street style and activewear, made with heavy weight cotton for a luxurious, distinctive look sure to set you apart. Feel confident with a look that strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort.


  • Silicone & embroidered logos 
  • Oversized fit
  • Heavy weight cotton (300gsm)

Premium Bi Blend 

300gsm Cotton/Elastane

Model Stats (t-shirts are designed in mens sizing)

Male:      5'8 175lb wearing MEDIUM t-shirt

Female:  5'6 145lb wearing SMALL t-shirt

The size guide below is intended to help you pick a size. It is not intended to give you a 100% accurate selection.

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